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Gift Menu

There is no gift as universally appreciated as great food. And nothing makes a statement like incredibly artisan pastries, meals or cakes from Patisserie Cafe. Whether you are trying to impress a client, or let loved ones know they are appreciated—we are ready to delight your gift recipients with delicious and artistic culinary stylings. Choose from our menu or contact us for distinctive items to suit your taste and budget.

take and bake

Give your co-workers, friends and loved ones the gift that shows you care, with our popular TAKE AND BAKE that makes cooking and baking a little bit sweeter. All made with Patisserie Café classics, and the finest ingredients available.

take and bake (or air fry)chocolate chip cookies|16.99

unbaked/frozen chocolate chip cookies (15 individual cookies included)

take and bake (or air fry)oatmeal raisin cookies|16.99

unbaked/frozen oatmeal raisin cookies (15 individual cookies)

take and bake (or air fry)sugar cookies |16.99

unbaked/frozen sugar cookies (15 individual cookies)

take and bake (or air fry)chicken empanadas |18.99

unbaked/frozen chicken puffed pastry empanadas (dozen)

take and bake (or air fry)beef empanadas |18.99

unbaked/frozen beef puffed pastry empanadas(dozen)

take and bake (or air fry)spinach and fetta empanadas |18.99

unbaked/frozen spinach and fetta puffed pastry empanadas (dozen)

take and bake (or air fry)apple turnovers|16.99

unbaked/frozen apple turnovers (dozen)

take and bake (or air fry)guava and cheese turnovers|16.99

unbaked/frozen guava and cheese turnovers(dozen)

take and bake scones|12.99

unbaked/frozen blueberry or cranberry orange scones ,choose up to two flavors (3 of each) or six of the same(6 total).

take and bake (or air fry) frozen empanadas argentinas |9.99

unbaked/frozen choose up to two flavors (3 each) or six of the same, these are our official fried empanadas on our tapas menu(they are made with flour) we have cheese, chicken or beef.


8" | $45.00


Cheesecake combined with pumpkin and spices, topped with a decadent pumpkin mousse with white chocolate drizzle.


Silky chocolate cheesecake topped with chocolate mousse and a chocolate crumb crust.


Silky chocolate cheesecake topped with chocolate fudge and a chocolate crumb crust.


Velvety and delightful, this cheesecake comes with a sweet graham crust.

strawberry mousse

Velvety plain cheescake topped with a light and creamy strawberry mousse


This decadent cheesecake comes with the perfect dose
of walnuts, smooth caramel, rich chocolate, and a perfect
sweet graham cracker crust.


Made with real key lime juice mixed into the cheesecake
and topped with fluffy key lime mousse.


Our decadent cheesecake swirled with Oreo cookie chunks, topped with our smooth Oreo mousse.

La patisserie tuxedo cheesecake (10" only $65)

one layer of brownie, one layer of silky cheesecake topped with a decadent chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache

Pies (holiday)

9" Round

KEY LIME |26.99

Rich , tart, and creamy made with real key lime juice,
poured into a buttery crust and baked to perfection. optional whipped cream on the border.

PECAN bourbon|26.99

Loaded with toasted pecans, rich and dense in a
buttery crust.

APPLE |24.99

Old fashioned double crust, or crumb topped apple pie at its best.


This pie comes with a lavishly rich coconut crème filling, in
a buttery Flaky crust, topped with fluffy whipped cream.


Decadent chocolate crème filling, in
a buttery Flaky crust, topped with fluffy whipped cream.

PUMPKIN |19.99

pumpkin filling, in a buttery Flaky crust, topped with a whipped cream border

other holiday treats

BABKA BREAD( 1lb) |17.95

Artisan sweet yeast bread rolled in cinnamon, and chocolate.
This is our most popular bread and is perfect for any occasion.


Made with our famous chocolate chip cookie recipe, this
cookie is perfect for the chocolate chip cookie enthusiast
that wants to share.

STOLLEN BREAD( 1lb) |17.95

German Christmas bread made with sweet yeast, packedB
with raisin, and citron. Each loaf is kneaded by hand,
baked to perfection then topped with butter and sugar.


12 assorted French macarons. Ask about our large flavor selection!


1/4 sheet (serves 18-20) | 65.00

YULE LOG (8 people) | 20.99

A chocolate sponge cake roll with chocolate mousse filling
and chocolate ganache on the outside.

  • Coffee Crumb
  • Pumpkin
  • Spanish Wine (10.95)
QUICHE(9”) | 26.99
  • Veggie
  • Lorraine (Bacon)